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Garage Sale - Sunday, August 23th (12pm to 4pm)

by The Six Foot Canasian

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On Sunday, August 23rd (from 12pm to 4pm) the door of our green garage is opening up and we're getting rid of many of the things we've loved (or just collected) over the past six years, including:

  • ASUS T102HA Transformer Mini (10.1 inch)
  • Books and Novels
  • Duffel Bags and Purses
  • Fitness Equipment and Accessories
  • Home Decor
  • IKEA GALLANT Drawer Units
  • IKEA Wooden Standing Mirror
  • Keyboards, Computer/Laptop Accessories
  • Lamps and Lighting
  • Luggage and Accessories
  • Office Supplies (including Moleskin Notebooks, Stationary, Whiteboards, etc.)
  • Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam
  • ... and so much more!


All you need is $20 (cash or e-transfer) to enter the garage and grab up to 10 items to take home (not including items sold on Facebook Marketplace ... ASUS Transformer, Sony Action Cam, luggage, or IKEA furniture).


For directions to the Garage Sale (which will occur out back, via the garage) use the link below:


  • Interac e-transfer
  • Cash


Social distancing protocols will be enforced and wearing masks will be expected.



Looking forward to seeing you at the Garage Sale on Sunday afternoon!

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