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Cajun Fine Dining on Four Wheels - Sticky Ricky's

by The Six Foot Canasian

Sticky Ricky's

It's hard to miss the Sticky Ricky's food truck rolling down Calgary streets in the summer time! With its Louisiana State University (LSU) inspired colours and shiny exterior you would think a party is coming to town. But ... don't let the purple food truck or compostable food containers fool you! What these guys dish out every day is pure culinary genius!

For many years, father and daughter team, Rick and Victoria Stitt, wanted to take their love of Cajun culture and it's flavourful cuisine and bring Calgarians an authentic, Louisiana-inspired experience. With a restaurant originally in mind, the higher cost of farm-raised catfish and seafood (direct from Louisiana) and locally grown farm-to-table ingredients made this dream unrealistic at the time. In an effort to make high-quality, authentic Cajun cuisine affordable for both the business and their customers they invested in the next best thing ... a fully loaded kitchen on wheels!

WARNING! If you are looking for a quick, grab-and-go meal this may not be the food truck for you. That's because everything is made to order ... just like the fine dining establishments Rick has worked with as Executive chef for over 30 years. So ... use that time to check your email or scroll through your Facebook feed because it's certainly worth the wait!

The Dynamic Duo

Rick and Victoria Stitt are not only father and daughter, they are also a great business team. Rick is all business in the kitchen, developing his own recipes and spice mixtures and meticulously delivering mouth-watering food ... and Victoria likes to eat it (in addition to being the brains behind running the business, including marketing, advertising and organizing of all Sticky Ricky's events and bookings)!

Victoria Stitt - The Backbone of the Business

Although the food truck may be named after Rick (and they won't tell me where the name "Sticky Ricky's" originated), the food truck wouldn't be on the road without the business savvy and skills of Victoria! Although she is a successful interior designer and "fashionista" by day, being in (and around) kitchens and restaurants most of her life made the opportunity to start this new endeavour with her father four years ago a NO BRAINER! Not only does she share in her father's passion for serving delicious food made with love, she also enjoys the people who make their business a success ... the Sticky Ricky's crew and their loyal customers.

Rick Stitt - A Magician in the Kitchen

Rick Stitt (the culinary genius behind Sticky Ricky's) is not your typical food truck owner. Red Seal Certified, with over 35 years of experience, this award-winning Executive Chef headed up the kitchens of fine dining establishments including La Caille, Monk McQueens Fresh Seafood and Oyster Bar and Cannery Row. Even though you may catch him wearing his purple and gold LSU Tigers hat and jeans the quality and care put into the dishes he used to serve on porcelain dinnerware is now put into the food served on the truck. All it takes is one bite and you know it's special!

Cajun Fare - It's the REAL Deal!

If you close your eyes and taste the food you would have NO idea you were in the land of Wranglers and cowboy boots, oil rigs and 8 months of snow. You also wouldn't believe Rick has NEVER lived in Louisiana ... even ask the people from New Orleans who have tasted his food! He has an incredible gift of mastering Cajun flavours and using authentic ingredients to make every meal an experience.

Famous for his Gumbo-Laya (a combination of Cajun Gumbo and Jambalaya) and Red Beans and Rice, I just can't get enough of the Blackened Po' Boy! Although there is a wait for the protein (i.e., catfish, meatloaf, chicken, oyster, etc.) to cook ... the harmony of tastes and textures inside the softest and chewiest bun you've ever eaten is WORTH IT! Rick makes his own spice rub, dressing for the hand cut coleslaw, cajun mustard and chipotle mayo for the sandwiches, and prepares each meal to order. The only thing that he doesn't make with his two hands are the fresh buns, which come from a local bakery each morning.

Taste is one thing but there is an incredible talent and mastery in Rick's uncanny ability to combine the soft, chewy bite of the bun with the sweet, spicy and vinegary coleslaw, the perfectly prepared protein and creamy dressing, to pull it all together. In addition to that ... YOU GET TWO OF THEM!! The Blackened Catfish Po' Boy (my favourite) is beyond delicious ... and deserves its own food group!

YYC Loves Sticky Ricky's

It didn't take long for locals to fall in love with Sticky Ricky's (myself included)! This one truck, family operation (including loyal team members - Tina and Crystal) attend many of the city's biggest events and also make their way to the most random spots in the city to bring great food right to their valued customers.

If you're craving a fish or fowl Po' Boy, are curious about the mystery item on the menu (i.e., Shrimp Étouffée or Crawfish Boil), or want to hear one of Victoria's "chronicles of a food truck owner" stories ... you can find out if Sticky Ricky's will be in your neighbourhood by visiting their website at

If you would like to see my images from the Sticky Ricky's food truck at Slide the City you can check out the images on social media using the icons at the top of the page.

(This post was originally published on on August 2, 2015)

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