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Capturing Unexpected Moments - Evolve Photography and Design

by The Six Foot Canasian

Evolve Photography and Design

I have worked with many photographers in my lifetime, many of which during my years modelling for Elite in Toronto. The photographers were typically men, between the ages of 30 to 50 years, were incredibly serious, wouldn't strike up a conversation, didn't make eye contact, and rarely smiled. Marta Tomašir is NOT your typical photographer.

The moment I saw Marta's work (on a group Facebook post) I immediately knew she was the right person for a fitness shoot that I needed to get done. Her ability to capture real life moments with beautiful angles and light was impressive and I knew she would be the perfect person for the job.

When I first met Marta, I was not prepared for what greeted me at the door. This incredibly friendly, bubbly, and personable young woman welcomed me into her studio as we prepared for the shoot. She immediately made me feel "at home" and I was at ease from the very start. At the same time, she was incredibly professional and focused at the task at hand ... balancing the level of comfort between her and I with the ultimate goal of producing great photographs.

But, don't let her petite frame and infectious giggle fool you ... she's serious about her work and knows how to put her foot down when it comes to documenting great images on film. In the end, the images were incredible and, to this day, I have people in the industry complimenting me on them. Since then I've used Marta for two other projects, each with amazing results!

Photography Found Marta

Marta had always had an interest in photography (investing in her first Canon Rebel T3i SLR camera when she was only 19 years old) but didn't realize she had a real talent for it until her first year attending the Alberta College of Art and Design. Enrolled in the Visual Communication and Design program she took a landscape photography course that changed her life.

This course was far from enjoyable, as the professor was not a fan of Marta's work, but her final course project is what validated her ability to capture amazing images on film. Students were allowed to shoot whatever they wanted for their final project and Marta did something that inspired the "hopeless romantic" in her ... a wedding engagement shoot.

Apprehensive about the final critique by her professor and peers, she was astounded at the response by the group as many came up to her and commended her ability to capture "people" on film. At that moment, she knew photography was her new career and Evolve Photography and Design was born.

Here Comes the Bride

Marta is an idealist, a sentimental dreamer, and a master at making "love" look like an art form ... especially through her photography. She finds inspiration from romantic books and movies that celebrate love, catching random moments of affection in everyday life, and the portrait photography of Annie Leibovitz. Hence, the name "Evolve" came from her focus on documenting the evolution of love between two people ... from engagement to marriage and beyond.

Marta has a very distinct photography style that combines the structure of a fashion editorial with capturing candid, real-life moments. Her goal is to create cinematic impact in her photography, using big backgrounds, proper lighting and the right angles. What motivates her is her ability to capture raw, real life emotion in the most unexpected moments (the ones people wouldn't assume are photo worthy) and make them beautiful.

Over the last six years, she has shot over 50 weddings ... sharing in the experiences of 100 families coming together to celebrate the union of husband and wife. The beautiful photographs that end up in the wedding album are part of a journey for Marta that is HARDLY glamorous! This motivated photographer runs a full marathon throughout the event, putting herself in precarious positions, in order to get the candid, unplanned moments her clients have come to expect. She knows how to make a joyous tear, a hand on the shoulder in support and a group of people in boisterous laughter beautiful and memorable.

Because of the quality of her work, and the relationship she cultivates, many of her clients have come back to her for maternity shoots, their baby's first photographs and ... boudoir.

Sultry, Sensual and Modern

Because of the trusting relationship she has gained with her clients, many of them have come to her with the request of doing something more intimate. Whether for a surprise anniversary gift for their husband or as a validation of their beauty through the eyes of another this is one of the greatest honours a photographer can receive.

Boudoir (technically the term for a woman's private sitting room ... a place to withdraw and be alone) is a type of photography that displays a woman at her most vulnerable. Marta takes the most pride in this type of work as it is an opportunity for her to display the true beauty that she sees in every woman. Her goal is to make each client feel beautiful and truly confident in who they are ... inside and out. Her photos are a reminder to them, when they need it the most, that they are powerful beyond measure.

Although boudoir photography may have been associated with raunchy and distasteful images in the past, her photography is a true reflection of her high standards. The images are uniquely sultry, sensual and modern ... to reflect the confident woman of today.

Marta's Rules

Don't let her tender age of 27 years fool you ... she is a PROFESSIONAL. She knows what it takes to produce great images and that it requires trust, respect and adaptability by both the photographer and the client. In order to produce the best results these are "Marta's Rules":

  1. If it feels awkward ... it SHOULD (these shots are the ones that produce the most amazing results)!
  2. Magic takes time (she requires a minimum of 2 hours to get the best images).
  3. TRUST ME (if you're not comfortable and relaxed, it will show in the images).
  4. I don't work with other photographers (it interferes with her ability to focus on the task at hand and in getting the moments that matter on film).

Don't take my word for it. If you go to you can see for yourself the magic that comes from working with Marta. She has a gift and a talent ... with a passion and heart for the people she works with.

Marta had gained my respect from the very first day and I am already booking another shoot in the upcoming months. She has become a part of my family and witness to the evolution of my life and the people that I love.

Side Note: I recently got to be the photographer (yikes) at her studio and took some fun images at Evolve Photography and Design. You can check out the images on social media using the icons at the top of the page.

(This post was originally published on on August 23, 2015)

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