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The Body Whisperer - Janis Isaman

by The Six Foot Canasian

My Body Couture

Ever since I started the "Six Foot Canasian Project" I have been constantly reminded that, regardless of geography, race, religion or life experiences, we are all connected!

For example, I was recently introduced to Janis Isaman, owner of My Body Couture, by Amanda Kilmchuk, owner of Muladhara Yoga Wear. What started off as an introductory email turned into me having the opportunity to get to know yet another amazing Calgary entrepreneur with an incredible story! After spending time at My Body Couture this week it was a NO BRAINER that I share a little bit about Janis and what she does to change people's lives every day!

About Janis Isaman

Behind the petite frame, smiling eyes and grin from ear to ear, is a woman who has seen life's highs and lows, learned difficult lessons along the way, and realized her path in life ... to help others move and feel differently for the rest of their lives.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta, she pursued her dream of working in magazine and fashion publishing. Living the fast-paced life in Toronto, her success led to working with Harper's Bazaar, the most established fashion magazine in the world. But ... something wasn't quite right. Even though she was rubbing elbows with some of the most famous people in the world she had a feeling in her gut that she was meant for something more meaningful.

When she was first introduced to running back in University (a self-proclaimed "non athlete") she suffered from a debilitating overuse knee injury that led her to a physical therapist for treatment. Using a different approach, he introduced her to alternative methods of treatment and more "functional movement" training. Unfortunately, she was not getting results as quickly as she had hoped and she then actively sought out a solution. This brought her to Pilates.

Pilates was the one thing that undoubtedly gave her the ability to move freely again, without the pain and discomfort that had put her life at a standstill. From that time forward, until now, it has become an integral part of who she is, what she knows, and how she serves others every day. In fact, after incorporating Pilates into her lifestyle for over a decade, she was able to successfully run the New York Marathon (which is 26.2 miles long) in 2012!

Living in Toronto, she invested many months of her life (outside of her job) to train at the STOTT Pilates Training Centre to become a Level II STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor. She worked in the publishing world by day and put on her Lululemon tights to train clients in their homes at night and on weekends.

Working with clients made her realize that she needed more tools in her tool belt to help them more effectively. This unleashed her need to "nerd out" on all techniques she knew would help her connect her clients better to their end goals. This led to her certifications in Yamuna Body Rolling ("mechanical yoga" that promotes extension of the body's tight muscles and joints), Critical Alignment Therapy (pulling gravity back into the midline of the body to promote a healthy spine), Health Coaching (AADP certified through the school of Integrative Nutrition), TRX Suspension Training (functional training system utilizing bodyweight, gravity and vectors), and more.

When she moved to New York to join the team at Harper's Bazaar her Pilates Reformer came with her and she made the decision to dedicate all of her time to her career in the fashion world. Although an amazing experience for several years, she knew it was time to follow her heart and go along another path ... one that brought her back to Calgary to start something new.

About My Body Couture

There is only one word to describe what you see when you walk into her studio in the historical Devenish Building off 17th Avenue ... STUNNING! Her passion for fashion and her design aesthetic is evident the moment you walk up to the french doors of her studio. The concept behind "My Body Couture" is that every body is a unique work of art. There are fine details to every part of the body, and a story behind the construction of each piece that needs to be addressed and ultimately respected through her method. She works one-on-one with clients using the breadth of her knowledge to provide a holistic approach to helping them achieve their personal physical goals. Her clients consist primarily of people who are dealing with an injury or some type of acute or chronic pain, who have been to a physical therapist or chiropractor, and require more specific treatment.

Spending time in the studio, I have seen first hand why she has already generated a waiting list! Since opening her boutique studio in 2013, she has established herself as the "Body Whisperer" because of her unique gift of knowing what the body is doing wrong, fixing it with hands on treatment, and providing usable tools that can be taken home to sustain these results away from the studio.

In addition, with a four year old son at home, she dedicates only a handful of hours a day working with select clients in her studio. Her clients are like an extension of her family and she forms close bonds with each one. She has a vested interest in using her knowledge and experience working with the body to help them overcome their movement challenges and get them back to good, pain-free function. She cares with her whole heart ... and it shows!

Aside from her family, My Body Couture is her passion ... and gives her the opportunity to help clients find comfort in their bodies. At the very least, her goal is to get people walking out of the room feeling better ... physically, mentally and emotionally. Her work is both transitional and transformational for clients, regardless of whether they are ready to make small changes or are willing to address much larger issues that are tied to their physical self.

When she's not at the studio she is leading retreats and workshops in exotic countries (or beautiful Rocky Mountain locations nearby), guest instructing at various industry events or continuing to "nerd out" at fitness conferences or certification workshops. This is why she is recognized by her certification partners and peers ... like being named "Yamuna Global Practitioner of the Month" (May/June 2015)!

Although there is a waiting list to work with Janis, she is always open to meeting potential clients and identifying what she can do to help those who need assistance. I am anxiously awaiting my chance to work with her and seeing how she can help me evolve my movement to a whole new level!

If you would like to see my images from the My Body Couture studio you can check out the images on social media using the icons at the top of the page.

(This post was originally published on on August 7, 2015)

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