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The East Village Resident Ambassador Contest ... THIS IS FOR REAL!

by The Six Foot Canasian

East Village RiverWalk

It's June 20th (t-minus 10 days before the end of the East Village Resident Ambassador Contest ends) and I have an important decision to make. Just five days ago I made my way to the East Village for the first time. Now, I am completely in love with the area, have a great feel for the community that is developing in the East Village and know in my heart it's the place I WANT to be. Now, here comes the hard part ... "WHAT DO I DO?".

I have three (3) options:

  1. Put a downpayment on the cheapest place in the nicest neighbourhood in the city (which would be an amazing investment for the future - taking possession in the fall of 2017).
  2. BUST MY ASS to put together a complete social media campaign (in the limited hours I have outside of my work) to win this contest so I can move into the East Village in a few months.
  3. Walk away and be content living in my townhouse in Walden.

Regardless of which option I choose, there are very real challenges that will make it hard for me to succeed (and I dislike FAILING more than anything in the world). If I choose to put a downpayment on the condo it takes a huge bite out of my savings and I have no "cushion" for emergencies. If I choose to put 100 percent effort into this "once in a lifetime" contest, that's a lot of sleepless nights and added stress that I really could do without right now (with NO guarantee it would even get me closer to winning). If I walk away from this entirely, I would be regretting not taking a chance and feel uninspired living in my southeast Calgary townhouse.

Decisions ... Decisions ... DECISIONS!

Whatever I choose to do ... I have to make a decision before it's too late! The Verve condominium unit is unique to the entire development and I need to make an offer before it goes to someone else. This is the very first East Village Resident Ambassador contest and there may NEVER be another chance to get into the East Village and win all the perks of being a resident (and even MORE).

I will have to decide before the weekend or the only option left is number three (which I refuse to allow happen). Stay tuned ...

(This post was originally published on on June 20, 2015)

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