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The Writing Adventures of the Six Foot Canasian

by The Six Foot Canasian

SFC_Writing Adventures

Recently, I had someone ask me where I learned how to write. I can only imagine the puzzled look on my face as I tried to figure out how to answer that question. I honestly didn't know what to say.

I am pretty sure I didn't learn how to write in school. My English and Language Arts marks were always the worst ones on my report card. I clearly remember assignments that would give me anxiety as I stared at a blank page for hours waiting for the words to magically appear. It was obvious that I was not blessed with the skills needed to write fiction.

On the other hand, I loved to sit in my room and write in my journal at night. I would spend hours sharing my most intimate thoughts and feelings on the pages of my Hilroy coil notebooks. I would break out different coloured pens and share my life (as I saw it in the moment) on paper. Without siblings in the house during middle and high school these journals were my therapy and helped me make sense of the joys of adolescence. In fact, I still have some of them to this day!

Since then, my writing has evolved to become more journalistic and fact-based. My words moved beyond the looseleaf pages and have been published online and in books (some you can actually buy online). 

For those of you who are interested in reading some of my other work you can find some of them listed below:


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